Phase 1 Outline Feasibility Study - Interim Report


To develop further the ideas generated for CIMS regarding expanding the utilization of the Stadium by diversification into additional motorsport activity and enhancing the current stadium activities.

Through a combination of desk research and interviews categorise the ideas into four broad groups;

  1. Those that are inappropriate for the business.
  2. Those that are appropriate but either due to timescale, resources or the investment required should be considered of a lesser priority.
  3. Those that are appropriate and can add real benefit to the business either by raising the profile of the Stadium or contributing directly to the bottom line.
  4. Activities that CIMS could undertake that contribute to the local community and its social problem areas, in particular to investigate activities using the potential of CIMS to have a positive exemplar. These activities to be identified as to alignment with other potential delivery organisations and to have third party funding potential.

Due to constraints of the initial funding under the Mustard Programme and in line with the discussions between CIMS, Business Link and FPC it was agreed that only aspects that would bring kudos to the Stadium - the ACU Academy and the involvement of CMPE, together with those which are most likely to see an early contribution to the bottom line should be researched and that the remainder of Phase 1, as detailed in the proposal submitted on 17th February, be held pending further funding applications.
Accordingly per discussions over the course of this work FPC have focused on the proposed all-British speedway bike, attracting the ACU Academy, social inclusion opportunities with Groundwork, Mini-moto opportunities and hosting a round of the National Series of Supermoto.

Report Structure

As agreed this is an interim report and details only the main findings from the interviews and site meetings conducted. Full details of each interview are given separately


The study used a combination of interviews and desk research together with site visits to both CIMS and other venues.

Interviews Conducted

The following individuals/organisations were interviewed in the course of this work;

Informal discussions were also held with members of the Speedway Control Board, the Chairman of the ACU, CCM, a children's bike importer, members of the mini-moto racing fraternity, officials from Oxford Silver Machine and potential external tarmac track operators.
In addition visits were also made to the National Speedway Show at Stoneleigh, Oxford Speedway Stadium and Donnington Park.

Summary of key findings

Proposed all-British Speedway Bike
Interview with the manager of CMPE;.

Key findings;

ACU Academy
Interviews with representatives of the ACU;

Key findings;

Social Inclusion Opportunities with Groundwork
Interview with Groundwork Coventry and Warwickshire. Discussions with the ACU and UK 1 Racing Team (suppliers of mini-motos to the ACU).

Key findings;

Mini-Moto opportunities
Interview with the importer of Pollini Mini - Motos. Discussions with on-site motorcycle dealer, UK 1 Racing Team and the ACU.

Key findings;

Hosting a Round of the 2003 National Supermoto Series
Discussions with representatives of CCM and the ACU.

Key findings;


Five ideas were explored within this interim study. Utilising the four categories defined in the Brief;

  1. None have proved inappropriate for the business.
  2. None, with the potential exception of the social inclusion programme - see below, seem to of a lesser priority.
  3. The hosting of up to four ACU Academy Squads would raise the profile of the Stadium, as would building an all-British Speedway Bike, particularly if it was built at the facility.

    Introducing Mini-motos to the facility and securing a round of the National Supermoto Series would also seem appropriate and could add real benefit to the business, both by again raising the profile of the Stadium and by potentially contributing to the bottom line.
  4. Introducing a social inclusion programme inconjunction with Groundwork would directly fall into the fourth category. However as Groundwork want to utilise the ACU schools programme work on min-motos and this is still in the pilot stage it maybe more appropriate to concentrate on other activities first.

    A number of the ideas explored are time dependant, particularly securing the 6th round of the National Supermoto Series and the ACU Academy Squads. It is recommended that these be given the highest possible priority.