Brief Outline of the Course:
A photo of the Race to Learn event

Students celebrating on the Silverstone podium!

A non-residential course running from Monday morning to Saturday lunchtime. Students will enjoy a challenging and enjoyable week based at three prestigious circuits in 'Motorsport Valley'.
During the week students will be working individually and in groups to study a variety of topics linked through the theme 'Designing the Perfect Motorsport Circuit'. The students will develop not only subject knowledge and an understanding of the many and varied disciplines that are needed in such a design but also a wide range of skills including teamwork, co-operation and leadership.
This will be achieved by experiencing first hand the comprehensive facilities at each circuit, learning how these must interact with the varied needs of the venues many different users, and through detailed discussion with the circuit staff, track users, general visitors and a range of invited motorsport specialists.

Additionally the course aims to:

A photo of the Race to Learn event

Formula 1 chief mechanic Mark Surety briefing students about good paddock design at Rockingham Motor Speedway

Circuits that have hosted the course have included:

A photo of the Race to Learn event

Students watch the action from Race Control at Silverstone

Now in its 7th year the course has catered for hundreds of students encouraging them to both work together and apply their classroom knowledge to their experiences at the circuits to create the Perfect Motorsport Circuit which in one case led to an apprenticeship at a premier race circuit.